How to Open SVG Files in Cricut Design Space


How to Open SVG Files in Cricut Design Space

Learn how to Upload SVG to Cricut Design Space!

If you’re new to your Cricut machine, or just new to using SVGs, here’s an easy to follow tutorial that will show you how to open SVG files in Cricut Design Space so you can get busy crafting!

Did you know that you can find cut file designs for your Cricut machine outside of Cricut Access Library? SVG files (short for Scalable Vector Graphics) are a type of vector file that can be used by most cutting programs, including Cricut Design Space.

SVG cut files are widely available from many craft bloggers, design marketplaces, and graphic designers, with many even offering free SVG files for Cricut (like yours truly). Using SVG files from around the web opens you up a whole new world of designs that you might not find in the Cricut Library.

Most SVGs will download as a zip file. After downloading, you will need to unzip to use the files inside. (Learn how to download & unzip SVG files).

Then you can head to Design Space to upload your SVG file. Sign in and click New Project to open up the Canvas.

Open New Project in Cricut Design Space

Click the “Upload” button on the bottom of the right side menu.

Cricut Design Space Upload SVG Files

On the Upload page, choose “Upload Image”.

Cricut Design Space - Upload Image button to upload SVGs

Then click the “Browse” button to navigate to where you saved the SVG file on your computer (or drag & drop the file).

Design Space Drag & Drop to Upload SVG image

Be sure to choose the SVG format file. Some computers may display SVG files using web browser icons (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc), however they are actually SVG files and should still upload correctly in Design Space.

You can check for the .svg file extension, or look at file type for “SVG Document” or “Scalable Vector Graphic”) and click “Continue”.

Design Space Choose SVG file to open

On the Upload Image page, you can name the image, and add tags. When you are ready, click “Save”.
Add Name and tags to SVG file in Cricut Design Space

The uploaded SVG will then appear in your “Recently uploaded images” section, where you can click on the thumbnail and choose “Insert Image” to place the design on your Canvas.
Cricut Design Space - insert Image into Canvas
The SVG design will now open in your new blank canvas. In the right-hand “Layers” panel, you will see a separate layer for each shape/element in the design.
SVG File open in Cricut Design Space Canvas
By default, the design will have all design elements grouped together. You will need to right-click on the design and choose “Ungroup” to work with parts of the design, and their corresponding layers separately.
Cricut Design Space - Right Click to Ungroup SVG file

That’s it! Make any desired changes to the design for the project you are creating, and when you’re ready to cut, click the “Make” button.

Cricut Design Space - Make it button to cut SVG

Now that you know how to open SVG files in Cricut Design Space, take a look at my SVG shop, which has a growing selection of original cut files – including over 450 Free SVG Files for Cricut Design Space!

Don’t forget to save the pin below to help other crafters learn how to upload SVG to Cricut Design Space!

How to Upload SVG Files to Cricut Design Space

Happy Crafting!

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15 thoughts on “How to Open SVG Files in Cricut Design Space”

  1. After multiple days and many hours plus lots of arguments and tears I found your blog on Pinterest and downloaded my first svg!! thanks for the truly step by step instructions with pictures that are actually large enough to read!!!!!! Susann

  2. Cricut is so complicated , first I can’t work offline , every time you open the software you need to connect and sign in , then you can switch off the conexión , secondly I can’t upload any file because upload button is just disabled “faded” grey because I think you need to connect again even if the file is in your computer

  3. I have the same problem. When I select a file from my computer, it says “ unsupported file” I don’t k know any other way to fo this.

    • Hi Patricia,
      As mentioned, if you’re using the Design Space mobile app, sometimes re-installing can help resolve this issue. However, if you’r seeing this problem on desktop or even after re-installing the app, there could be an issue with the SVG file itself. SVG files need to be designed in a specific way to be compatible with cutting software, just being SVG format doesn’t necesarily make a file cuttable.

    • Hi Hong,
      Thanks for reaching out. You say your SVG is vector lines- it sounds like you might need to “expand” your vector lines, which will turn them into actual shapes for Design Space to cut. In Adobe Illustrator, this can be done with Object > Path > Outline Stroke (Path > Stroke to path in Inkscape, or Layer > Expand Stroke in Affinity Designer). If you’d like to send a picture of your file, or the SVG file itself, I’m happy to take a look and see what is needed to make it cuttable in Design Space.

  4. all I keep getting is the actual script for the file and not the sag file….. I’m using my ipad which I use for cricut design space

  5. I’m also having the problem with Cricut DS upload. I have just uploaded from another location with no issue. But, the svg I downloaded keeps opening up in “file” and it will not let me use it. What’s going on with the download? I have extracted several times(Window 10) and it still winds up saying “file”. Please help. Thank you, Martha

  6. why does my cricut design space say “You have selected an unsupported file” when i try to download an SVG?

    • Hi Christina,

      Thanks for reaching out!
      Are you seeing the “You have selected an unsupported file” when trying to open SVG files in the Design Space mobile app or the desktop version? If you are seeing this in the mobil app, try checking if there’s an update available, which should fix the issue.

      If you are seeing this problem in the desktop version of DS, it might be an issue with the SVG file.

      • I’m having the same problem. That’s how I ended up here on this blog looking and hoping to find answers. It’s on my computer and I’m paying for the cricut monthly subscription. I have a cricut maker. If any of that matters. Please help


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