Summer Candy Wrapper Idea

Fruit Themed Candy Wrapper 1

Step into summer with this vibrant and cool design of the  Candy Wrapper. 

Here’s what you’ll need. 

  • Photo Paper (preferably Glossy)
  • Printer
  • Your platter of choice
  • Digital Paper
  • Cute Summer Fruit SVG File
  • Candy of your choice (Mine’s a KitKat)
  • Glue gun
  • Zigzag Scissors

Summer Candy Wrapper Idea

First you need to measure the length and width for your candy and make a square or rectangle on your design app.
Then add the digital paper to the shape and adjust it accordingly. 
Add the fruit you prefer and measure it so it fits when you fold it.
Send it to print and then cut it with your plotter. 
After that, grab your candy and put it inside the paper (design outside). 
Glue it to seal it and then cut the ends of it. 
Glue the fruit in the front and you’re done!
Fruit Themed Candy Wrapper 2

You’ll end up with a beautiful looking candy wrapper that everyone will love. 

I hope you enjoy making these. See you on the next project.


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Summer Candy Wrapper Idea previewP

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