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Happy New Year, friends! It’s Nancy here with my first post for 2023!

First of all, I’m very excited to be continuing on the PCC DT for another term!
There are so many fabulous files in the shop to play with.
I look forward to sharing more of them with all of you!

Today I am sharing the title page of a Joyful Snowman Winter Album I am starting.
We have several months of Winter here in Saskatchewan,
so there will be lots of creative ways to fill this album.
I am using an 81/2″ x 11″ binder album.

I’ve used this combination of fun files:

Snowflake Circle Frame SVG File;

Happy Snowman Looking Up SVG File

Marshmallow World SVG Die Cut File Scrapbook Title.

Here’s my title page:


Isn’t that a fun Wintery scene? 

The snowman looks so happy!

I often look just like that when the snow is falling all around me! lol

OHMYsOMZ6 HUqAKn6l9wHRYfAmKIEuH7dguMZqo Rbop2jNOcfiwQB3oqxz q80CkUd3GwkEmFZL8V8SbGQZBLy2Cfix5Aus ueGm7TVakv t6bJAyeTHvtBWkzWoNkSVq GOVwVveQy3SHjLoIFOZ1UHQX8lHLmmDyS2miCLwY u4a HdtU62U XE3USA

I began by arranging the scene in Cricut Design Space.

I knew I wanted this blue to be my background color,

and that I wanted all the cut elements to be white.

So here’s my cutting tip for you today.

There are two optional ways to get the same look.

Since I really like puzzles, and piecing, I did the same cut from white cardstock.

9la3tgEg7Bq4AExfx4 goeXK l0SxbAFGJqVzu3lOQg 8z7BJDCDmloq23roJzsZ1ylV60XXOAeAcmXRPLKRsGLQmIR kAbgE7AbkSTAfT4pc1bT9 Zy5fldI5JilUPwMpvbVsAXX1AOE yTKSPtgh83AIxh XNTL1Brfl 9 pIfcthdrV1HjRqvgKEcsA

I took all the white elements from this cut,

and inlaid them into the blue background piece. 

I took care to add all the little pieces from the lettering too.

It was lots of fun to put it all together!

hozLdZwFx2FyTxYjVHqlYi8Az6HXZq1Rvl5PRPBj93lAip Pj83AYp2SOFartexVfP6yQaBC xuWAqjcLc

However, there’s a quicker and easier way to get the same effect.

In the photo below, you can see that I have simply placed the blue background piece

on top of a sheet of white cardstock.

This way it was only a couple of lettering bits that needed to be added.

Do they look different to you?

You have options based on what you enjoy most!


I then went on to cut the Happy Snowman  pieces out.

I reversed the snowman so that it fit better with my design.

I scattered the snowflakes around the page and adhered them in place.

Our snow is always glittery and full of beautiful sparkle.

I went over my page and added pretty Stickles to all the snowflakes,

as well as parts of the snowman.

N1 Lhjqq5BX8J Cl KdpTGFZ8nVLoblDC3C2 MC0ZBMKkLNqhfj3FqZj3OvBeeC9QyPIo0eIDZpodS6bVwcITKLlWppdjNpQQzvLNpppwjwwohnWxaGc9BljRhLZcLAUbrELG29J1LyBhKviv8NoR4gwauqSBJM aWKNj3ED1H5fLtB3JCzrhxZqh kJA

Since this is my Winter Album title page,

I wanted “Winter” to be across the bottom.

I really like the font in the Marshmallow World file.

I used that cut in my design but decided to keep the “in the” too.

Now I can fill this album with all the photos and projects made

“in the Winter”!

T9T tV5sdZ mEA YneLKHlLD0nn9wyX3aDsu0NYtsIs VJKmbdzMrJm7 K2ji5bH9dPfFuk7MJM Wh8NP8seI5a0ce5btiaC xzzHOwt TXPelJgxLGSrL2P rYh6msFZgWycx5ug7ByG N Bb1KgtIgPMJ2IP1BYY6rfkbAc41NX KvGfWFqmIKsUaFZQ

There are so many great themed cut files in the shop!

 They work beautifully together,

and combine so easily for any creative project!

* * * 

The Nickel Nook

Design Team - Nancy
Joyful Snowman Winter Album previewP

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2 thoughts on “Joyful Snowman Winter Album”

  1. I love this! Is there somewhere I can find the downloads in one place to make this project. I guess I mean I’d like to be able to upload the whole project onto DS. Thank you!

    • Hi Lois, I’m so glad you like Nancy’s album, and would like to make your own! While I don’t currently have this full project available in Design Space, the Snowman and Snowflake Frame are available in Design Space (search images #M436FB3E5 and #M43179502 in the DS image library). The Marshmallow World design is not yet in Design Space, and is currently only on my site.


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