Using SVG Files with Score Lines in Cricut Design Space

How to Use SVG Files with Score Lines in Cricut Design Space

Using SVG Files with Solid & Dashed Score Lines in Cricut Design Space

When you buy an SVG file for a folded project like a box or card, the file may come with dashed score lines, solid score lines, or both. 

Using SVG Files with Score Lines in Cricut Design Space is quick and easy once you know what to do!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you when to use each type of score line, and how to work with them in Cricut Design Space.

In this example, I’m using my 4” Flat Ornament Box SVG file, which includes a version with dashed score lines and a version with solid score lines, but you can also use the steps I’m about to show you with my other SVG box templates, as well as any other SVG files that have score lines

Video Tutorial

If you prefer written step by step instructions instead of video, continue reading.

How to Use Dashed Score Lines in Design Space

You’ll want to use SVG files with dashed score lines if you do not have a scoring tool for your cutting machine. In this case, the blade of your Cricut will cut along the dashed lines, creating perforated lines that can be easily folded.

First, upload the SVG to Cricut Design Space. By default the design will open with everything grouped together. Right-click on the design and choose “Ungroup” to work with the layers individually.

Using SVG Files with Score Lines in Cricut Design Space - Ungroup

In the Layers panel, each layer is set to “Cut” by default – in this case that’s exactly what we want. Since we don’t have a scoring wheel or stylus, the blade of our Cricut will cut along the dashed score lines.


The only thing we need to do to make sure everything cuts correctly is Attach the score lines to the box shapes. First, let’s see what would happen if we skip this step…

If we just click the “Make it” button without attaching, Design Space is going to separate everything onto different mats. The box shapes and score lines are all on separate mats, because we forgot to tell Design Space to keep them together!

Cricut Design Space - Forgot to Attach score lines to box shape

In order to keep everything together when we send it to the mat, we first need to Attach the score lines to their matching box shapes.

The easiest way to do that here is to click on the group name in the Layers panel. Doing this will select both the score lines and the matching box shape. Now just Right-click on the group name, and choose “Attach”, and both layers will stay together when it’s time to cut.

Cricut Design Space Attach Dashed Score Lines to box shape

Repeat that step to attach each group that has score lines.

Now when we click “Make it” the score lines and box shapes are kept together with the correct placement on a single mat.

Cricut Design Space- Dashed Score Lines Attached

How to Use Solid Score Lines in Design Space

Now let’s open up the SVG file with the Solid Score Lines. You’ll want to use solid score lines if you have a scoring wheel or scoring stylus.

Upload the Cricut SVG File to your Canvas, and once again everything comes in as a group, so we’ll Right-click to Ungroup it.

Cricut Design Space Solid Score Line Ungroup

Notice this time, that the score lines are Solid lines, instead of Dashed as in the previous version.

By default, everything is set to Cut in the Layers panel. But this time, we need to tell Design Space that we’ll be using a scoring tool and that we want these lines to be scored instead of cut.

In the Layers panel, select only the score lines, (hold SHIFT as you click to select multiple layers at once).

Cricut Design Space - Select Score Line Layers

Then, in the Linetype menu change the setting from “Cut” to “Score”.

Cricut Design Space Change Linetype for Scoring

Now in the Layers panel the selected layers have changed from “Cut” to “Score”.

Cricut Design Space Layers Set to Score

Also notice that the solid lines have turned to dashes. However, these aren’t the same as the dashed score lines in the previous SVG file. These dashed lines are just symbolic within Design Space to indicate that your machine will be scoring along these lines instead of cutting them.

So now the final step is to Attach the score lines to the box shape, so that everything cuts and scores with the correct placement.

Click on the group name to select both layers, then Right-click on the group name and choose “Attach”.

Cricut Design Space - Attach Solid Score Lines

Repeat for each group that has score lines.

Now when we click “Make it”, the mats are sorted automatically and each box shape has the score lines in the correct place. Design Space also knows that it is first going to Score, and then Cut.

Cricut Design Space Score then Cut

If you’re using a scoring stylus, you machine will score and then cut in 1 step.

If you’re using a scoring wheel, your Cricut will pause after scoring and prompt you to swap out the scoring wheel for a blade, then it will resume cutting.

That’s all there is to it! After using SVG Files with Score Lines in Cricut Design Space a few times, you’ll be a pro at setting up score lines! I hope this tutorial has helped you learn how to work with Cricut SVG files that have score lines in Design Space. If you’re looking for some 3D SVG card and box templates to try out, take a look at the Doables section of my shop!

Happy Crafting!


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7 thoughts on “Using SVG Files with Score Lines in Cricut Design Space”

    • Hi There! The steps are the same on the iPad, but the functions are located in different places in the DS app. I’ll add an iPad tutorial to my list, but in the meantime here’s how to do it:
      1. Click the Layers icon along the bottom toolbar which will open the Layers panel on the right side.
      2. In the Layers panel, tap to select one score line layer, then tap and hold another score line layer to select multiple layers at the same time.
      3. Tap the Edit icon (bottom toolbar) and tap the Linetype icon (far left). Change the Linetype from Cut to Score and tap Apply.
      4. Then tap to select the score line layer and it’s corresponding box piece and tap the Actions icon (bottom menu) and choose “Attach”
      5. Repeat step 4 to attach each score line layer to its corresponding box shape.
      6. Then you’re ready to click Make it!

      (If you’re not using scoring tool and are using a file with dashed score lines, then skip steps 2 & 3)

  1. I’m new to fairly new I just got this file today. I got the scoring part down with no issues, but I think I am missing part of the file the lilac or pinkish part you show didn’t come with my svg file? I uploaded 3 times and don’t see the pinkish purple you show on how to make it. I just want to make sure I have everything needed to complete. thanks for your time.


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