Simply Boo-tiful Halloween Scrapbook Layout


Happy, Happy Tuesday Printable Cuttable Fans!  Christi here from Scrapping For Tranquility!  This week I am bringing you a Simply Boo-tiful Halloween Scrapbook Layout featuring my youngest granddaughter’s 9 month Halloween photos. With Halloween right around the corner, I thought this would be perfect to show off some of our awesome Halloween cut files!

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I was very happy with the layout.  I think I should have made my title a bit bigger but, we all can’t hit it out of the park every time! HAHA!

DmR9Ri6K eVun5PmtmXpHh 9p1I 8CEofv2LWueDVWI jIJ45uINXpgk2xjtvadocgXGbARiA1 RjSrft0yayFwxjRcoBslh7z853GcLXTSDrotJR JrgKAeIvnCgVex0BB3cTLRH3Vq5KeMe2AZM8puKz39bb2jxCymo6lGdkLkpNZc LpkXAwDfQ

For the title I used the Simply Beautiful SVG Cut File.  I thought it came out adorable!  Perfect for my pictures!

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I’m not usually a fan of cutting my photos in half like this but it just seemed to call for it this time.  I am glad I did it and feel it came out really well.

gvzpyKYgWiOWmjk9De VWGIwBa2WR25bAMNbfsVXf kaSZeblQa9UaZ3v8Ohrv1sOd FCkNKMoTn5D1s HHojuREkUbaT5miShszsUSjBKwYj04Pi0JLFW6HXwGS6ER8ZVMRxIV0KmAjCW930ZlLdYaVWsG2obPmOC47ks4jh0he pJs62NbUdeD9g

For the Pumpkins on the layout, I used the file Autumn Harvest SVG Set and used the gourds to make into the same shaped pumpkins in my photos.  I took and made an extra ghost from the Simply Boo-tiful file and stuck him behind the pumpkin to look as though he was peeking around it.

QHtZKo0 TfZhJF2FmBCgvEnRcSg0aXclgqT zbh5y NRYEx8 9CqJghRKCykntqXHLc0ldlBKf7vRY5NBrH1PPkNXMyImqjFmh4jEL2az KDE25KLanlCGJ 3E5Lp6tbRGkU1 F58emmwlHQ3ppMWhzgj7mCA1JdI QdTP11LqUfajMrqUJ5ftzPUg

The right side of my layout I used the title Boo-tiful and added Baby Girl to make the subtitle (we call her baby girl a lot of the time).

4cNlshVGrXxIizk2kysfEXzaxzEBXNLz2trLwUNePa7rJc2VL2otFDlChr2l2y8gtp x 5EFdz2tGsXRtOFyPjLbcjhN7Xh0FP5Pyq4AlrkfIfKgkihi0r7CDQWdG8mnb7froq8zZKwCjnTBa LYL9y5vWWNY DLobpaSSi89sy98uMuvN4hRhGiuQ

My Last pumpkin was just like the last from Autumn Harvest, but in purple.

rqkcnUBAdmXCYcxT5U2bqMO2LM76NlpeJz7u082rxTCoAYU d09glcK0AGijTt6GHY FeU8uXJ2YJfoGVM43fobkr59e7rGHTCEdrsX81ufo

If you notice the journaling spot, I want to tell you how I do this.  I always make a journal spot on my layouts where you can see it or not.  If the pictures has to do with my husband and I doing activities with our grandchildren, then I will journal.  If it doesn’t, I leave it blank so their mothers can fill in the journaling spot for them since they made the memories with them.  This works well for our family.  Just another idea for you to think about!  

Let me know what you think, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

The files I used from Printable Cuttable Creatables are:

Autumn Harvest SVG Set
Simply Beautiful SVG Cut File



Design Team - Christi

Simply Boo tiful Halloween Scrapbook Layout previewP

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