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 Hello, friends! It’s Nancy back to share a fun new JOY Christmas Card project!

 I always think of Christmas as a season of JOY!
So when I saw this fun file in the shop, I knew I had to make a card with it.
There are two options for buying this card; on it’s own or part of a kit.

Here are the links:

Joy Christmas SVG Cutting File & Clipart


Christmas Treats Craft Bundle – SVG Cut Files and Digital Paper.

Here’s my card:

p5NIS6QVSxqmZ1weoXWZ34DoOaaGjtR5IyyMX3f4qK YpTVFfmGLwReCQEJ7IUXwxjEc Vp4xvgnm11ksTlzwRzMfRxUZUYyYFI mCcWheb6rCbYJtWXNIUqT4p8appUg3SEJVAN12gSd67P7RGfNImoX6UOcS Ot0ErCyheRKCYaXdsKw7GyqTL3lZ0A

Isn’t that a cute and creative card?

I think the pieces would be fantastic all cut out and reassembled,

but I didn’t have the time for that.

So here’s what I did:

O6lELCQjkKN8B2S9 y0Pdov7Qxarcz7GzmhhPcV8ZVda3eBVfo5 Sg4ToaQA8Dzp N7FPXeIoKNVQ7Z6yiB

I actually took some screenshots of the process. 

I’ve not done this before but thought I would try it.

Let me know if it helps.

First, I uploaded the clipart I wanted to use. 

The file includes each individual “letter”, along with the word art png.

I uploaded the complete word, and sized it at 5 1/2″ wide.

QS9kBtEAwgAIfpXF qUN4MdhcaPHIX8eTAAc9Q5RMLjKeAqKEHnpgvuRIbgRf4NkaQYLm5SP6kDm2EhFjdD3XARP0755sRqQNEHkbEYL9dOdfyFLBfMwuaZtNUgV3o77MX1Ja82QOFG CkaJmGy3t1em sZMHmNnv9ANi6UQn20YreDeyv6aqDsQ6RMZKA

Next, I added a white rectangle to my canvas.

It uploaded with rounded corners, which I really liked.

I knew that I wanted my finished card to be 5″ x 7″,

so I sized the white rectangle at 5 1/2″ wide.

VSEZHQ4CSdy0LoaWUwdUWQQHcOdohH0n4mZRJujCcaMi4SQ7KCDSPpIwiYD6gGS8qGSiD8zeMuWTC4oP06Dhu2gFbJf0gm28wpuZyLmnHLanoa1bj XwV2Z6YB5tq0w DaVQltkDPRh4iVzVk6vXZClmSY2O1YGhd5lrNuL054072VWdEBl mOPPX ZLPw

I sent the white rectangle to the back, and added the word art file on top.

I then resized the word art to 5″ wide.

I then highlighted the whole piece and selected “flatten”.

(Sorry, I don’t have a picture of that.)

Then I selected the “print then cut” option.

iWuJwbFGMiHopGJFXZqVZo8D3Pm7e3irxN CHjr oJ8alBrn1z BKrPyowUAPoeip6Hz1o4t3tP27efAozepPSKMhxh mbhwN4SE7Ph9bj QvkysfFQIQvPLvJ8QrrkPlhm4s4 m9yYtzn14gAT5HqqvGw8H hM2oTouXrkOLsZICrqiWOwFWMsz4oOA1g

I sent the image to my printer, and then added the printed piece to my mat.

Here it is all cut out!

41nIKYhHQqXgRgOhcSVUygn2UEBSK SX7cHxpDv4VSpS VT1rr0ZngbOs9R17cYKSXS5oUf5d4TD2cSLHLP8c5FfWGFNFx430ru6 hHhdN xvdCZRpX684ctEq0 MTHEvPKOgAhxvyqO7utALzqWhxi6zQXQWdcn9gjZssbsz XnIOFXgrotyaysczV0SA

Next, I printed out this fun diagonally striped paper.

It’s part of the Christmas Treats Craft Bundle.

I made a white cardstock card base that measured 5″ x 7″.

I cut the striped paper to fit the front and rounded all the corners.

I inked around the card base and the printed panel, using red ink.

I then added the printed/cut piece to the card base using foam tape.

It’s cute just like that but every Christmas card needs a little sparkle, right?

2BIgOXIVmjpn7 SuXzMYjLdlgrNzTAEpZXFhNK 5JSTYzlvgwk5LHs

To finish things off I added pretty red Stickles Glitter Glue to the wreath and the reindeer nose.

I also added Glossy Accents to the reindeer eyes.

M96UEs3Y5vywTJNrdQd1dWELNOqSZl6dKwLFLAtJ64K9zt7u1L08EJiHm7uEylSLCF4eSOIWIvb0C9amDYmlR3E07J11cNRIVNiMm3h oSc7SI4MijDusoawb9bqRE

It’s such a fun and festive card…and so much fun to put together!

I hope you give it a try! 

s3HUBaJXrv8A2ulfSPi1ztP9cfI63U7MVSsM wE95xTulAePSGXS4K4MKOxWUpjQGpTDhQExlLww5QjGQCV28SBlRz16K W8bslxguhM4DFmPhXHMUwXSnPEhHUdE

Thanks for stopping by today!

I’ll be back soon with another fun project!

* * * 

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