Cricut Print Then Cut Sticker Tutorial

Cricut Print them Cut Sticker Tutorial

Hello everyone, it’s Ellen here. As you could see Mónica made a fun retro sticker sheet with her Silhouette Cameo a few days ago. I had the same idea, but I’ll be using my Cricut machine to walk you through how to make them in this Cricut Print then Cut Sticker Tutorial

For the stickers, I used the ‘Vintage Roller Skates’, ‘Hippie Sunglasses Retro’, ‘Hippie Van Front Retro’, ‘Hippie Guitar Retro’, ‘Mom Retro Titles’ SVG Files and the ‘Spring Gingham Check’ Seamless Patterns & Digital Paper Pack. Before you start, calibrate your machine for ‘Print Then Cut’. This ensures the machine will cut precisely along the edge of your printed images. Don’t skip this step! This step is really important to do before you print the sticker sheet!

Cut then print cut sticker tutorial

First I will tell you how I made the background of the sheet.
1. Upload the preferred paper (I used the ‘Spring Gingham Check’) and cut it into a rectangular shape.

2. Delete the overspill and color the black shape white. Do not move the white layer, because we need them to be perfectly on top of each other. Cut the white frame, so that you have a small strip left. Next, delete the overspill.

3. Use the “flatten” button to make them one image. If you want, you can write text on the white piece and use the flatten button again.

Cricut print then cut sticker tutorial

Let’s make the stickers…

  1. Upload all illustrations and mark them as line type: ‘print and cut’. Then add the Offset feature to make lines around the illustrations. The distance is 0,30 cm (or 0,118 inches), but you can make the outline as big as you want.  
  2. Give the offset a white color. Make sure all the separated images with their offset are flattened if it hasn’t already been.
  3. Flatten all illustrations into one image. Once all your stickers are ready, click Make It. Now you can print and cut your sticker sheet. I’m cutting the sheet as a ‘washi tape’.
 print then cut retro sticker tutorial

Little extra info: In a few parts of Belgium we celebrate Mother’s Day on the 15th of August. That’s why I loved the ‘Mom’ sticker on the sheet.

Cricut Print Then Cut Sticker Tutorial

I hope you give this technique a try. If you have any questions, please send out a comment below or find help in our Facebook group.


PCC Design Team - Ellen

Cricut Print then Cut Sticker Tutorial

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