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Hello ‘PCC’ fans, Ellen here. Do you remember my Cricut Iron-On Viny blog post ( Well today we’re turning a spotlight on Vinyl. 

The example in this blog post is a cute pencil case made with the ‘You Make Me Whole’ SVG File.

PPC Pencil Case 1

Simply put, vinyl is sticker paper. It’s perfect for creating permanent or easily removable labels/designs to create gifts (clipboards, notebooks, buckets, gift bags), home décor, or anything you can think of. Find some Easter ideas/examples:

There are different types of vinyl, for example: 

  • Permanent Vinyl;
  • Removable Vinyl;
  • Smart Vinyl (you can cut it without a mat on a Cricut Maker 3/Explore 3 machine)
  • Printable Vinyl (Perfect for making stickers);
  • Stencil Vinyl (ideal to use for painting or etching);
  • Chalkboard Vinyl;
  • Special Vinyl (for example, glitter, holographic, UV or heat sensitive (changing color), glow in the dark, transparent, frosted)

diy vinyl pencil case

How does it work? First, you cut out all the pieces you need and weed out all excess vinyl. Next, apply your vinyl to a piece of clear transfer tape. Carefully remove the vinyl by adding it to the transfer tape (the sticky side of the vinyl must be exposed). Apply all layers, starting with the top layer first, and line them up. 

Carefully remove the transfer tape by using a scraper. The vinyl will stick to your surface perfectly now. (check out the step-by-step tutorial:

The possibilities are endless! You can personalize just about anything with a little bit of vinyl. What will be your next project?


PCC Design Team - Ellen

DIY Vinyl Pencil Case

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