DIY Groovy Retro Card


Hi there, it’s Dorlene and I’m sharing a funky retro card for this month’s RETRO theme.  There are so many choices of cut files for this theme that I had a hard time deciding.  Eventually, I decided to use Feeling Groovy T333 for my project.

This is a pretty easy cut file and like most of the cut files on the PCC site, has many different ways you can cut it depending on your project or the type of material(s) you’ll be using.

I have decided to make a groovy card using the top image.

If you’re unsure which to use, ungroup
each image and see the difference. 
Since I’m going to use paper to cut this,
I felt the first image was best for cutting
and adhering purposes. 

Once I figured which one I was going to
use, I used the trash can to get rid of the rest.
I changed the size of the image by changing the width to 3.75.  As long as the image is locked (see the padlock above the Size area), the image will adjust in height to keep it in proportion.

Now I just need to hit Make and add my paper to the mats.

Here’s a timesaving tip: 
Since the images are small, I add both
images to the same mat by selecting
the image and then clicking on the three
dots on the top right; select move object; 
Select the mat you want to move it to
and then position it to the area where
you’ll be placing your second
piece of paper.

I placed it at the 6” mark to show you what I mean.  This way, you only have one mat to insert & cut. 

Here’s what the mat looks like with the different papers.  (I use painters tape to hold down my paper when cutting. This helps when your mat starts losing some of the stickiness)

This is also how you can change the colors.  Select the portion you want to change and then go to the Operation area on the top left and click on the color square.  Click on the color you want.  Now remember, this is the color on the canvas not necessarily the color material that you’re placing on the mat when cutting.

I adhered the words to the base to complete the focal image for my retro card.  I created my own patterned paper using a tie dye stamp set, but you can certainly use purchased tie dye or any print that makes you feel groovy!  I also added some twine & glitter to the stars to really dress it up.

DIY Groovy Retro Card

I love the black cardstock background for this colorful & groovy card!


PCC Design Team - Dorlene

DIY Retro Card Idea previewP

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