Anti-Valentine Gag Gift Box

Funny Anti Valentine Gag Gift Bag

Ciao amici, this is Morena with more crafty shenanigans for you to try! I’ve never taken Valentine’s Day seriously, and this project is one example of my silly sense of crafting humor. Even if you don’t share my sense of humor, I hope you can use this idea to personalize your digital papers to create your own unique gifts!

Anti-Valentine Gag Gift Box

I love to think outside the box and find ways to stretch my craft supplies as much as possible. The box file is designed for beer can glasses, but you can easily adjust the size to make it for smaller or larger items.

Digital papers are awesome because they can be used in so many ways! You don’t need any fancy software or special skills to create your own custom papers for projects like this one. Use the text feature in your design software to add your own words to any digital paper.

Give it a try and start creating your own custom gifts and packaging! I’ve got the complete tutorial on my site if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions. In the meantime, here are the supplies you’ll need if you want to make a project like mine:

Supplies Used for this Project:

Funny Anti-Valentine Gag Gift Box Idea

Have fun crafting and creating personalized digital papers!

– Morena

PCC Design Team - Morena
Anti-Valentine Gag Gift Box Idea

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