DIY Layered Stencil for Sublimation

LVHC PCC April 4

LVHC PCC April 4

Hello friends!  This is Linh or LV Handcrafted across the socials. I love that the PCC SVG files come with a version that is separated and assembled. It makes it really easy to create a DIY layered stencil for sublimation. All you need to do is create one stencil for each color of the design. In my tutorial video, I’ll show you a tip for making it easy for you to line up all your layers!

Products used:

To see how I made this, check out the video below:

If you prefer written instructions, follow the steps below:


Scale your design to the size you need
to fit your project. Add 1/4” squares
just outside the size of your project
in each of the four corners.

These will be your registration
boxes for lining up each layer.

DIY Layered Stencil4

Copy the design. From your copy,
decide which color you want to keep
on this layer and delete all the other
elements from the design that are
in a different color.

Select the design elements and all
four registration boxes. Click Attach
so they cut exactly as shown on
your screen.
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Repeat Step 2 for each different
color of your design. Each set
should have all four registration
boxes and only the elements
that should be the same color.
DIY Layered Stencil2

Send your project to get cut. I used
mylar for my stencils so it can
be used over and over again.
But you can cut your stencil out of
cardstock if you don’t need it to last.
DIY Layered Stencil7

When you create a sublimation
design, it needs to be mirrored. 
So flip your stencil so you are
inking through the back of the stencil.

Be sure to ink through your
4 registration boxes!
DIY Layered Stencil3

As you go to stencil on each layer,
line up the registration boxes. You
don’t need to ink through those boxes
DIY Layered Stencil5

Sublimate the design onto your
blank according to the temperature
and time specified for your blank.

Remember to cover your design
top & bottom with butcher paper
to protect your heating plates.
DIY Layered Stencil6

Happy crafting!

LV Handcrafted

DIY Layered Stencil for Sublimation

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