Easter Dome Candy Holder

01 Easter Dome Candy Holder

Easter Dome Candy Holder

Hello everyone, this is Mónica from Moni’s Design with another project! 

Are you looking to add a cute and festive touch to your Easter baskets or spring party? This Easter Dome Candy Holder is the perfect solution! Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create your own adorable dome candy holder in no time. 

Materials needed:

Let’s begin!

Step 1.
Start by uploading your SVG to your preferred cutting machine program.

Step. 2
Cut all the pieces.

02 Easter Dome Candy Holder Tutorial

Step 3.
Align the wheel disc piece and insert the Brad through the center hole.

Step 4.
Fold the brad pins to secure it.

Easter Dome Candy Holder

Step 5.

Glue your dome to the chick belly.

Easter Dome Candy Holder

Step 6.

Then add foam tape and carefully align the front candy holder to the back piece. The wheel should be in between these two parts.

Glue the face together and glue it to the chick.

Step 7.
Don’t forget to add the feet and the wings.


Easter Dome Candy Holder

This is the cutest and coolest gift to give on Easter!!

Easter Dome Candy Holder

Let me see your creations. See you on the next one!


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Easter Dome Candy Holder

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