DIY Screen Printed T-Shirt

01 DIY Screen Printed T Shirt

01 DIY Screen Printed T Shirt

Hello friends!  This is Linh or LV Handcrafted across the socials. Do you like making custom T-shirts to give as gifts or for family reunions or even to sell? 

Screen printing might be something worth trying. There are beginner-friendly supplies and screen printing inks you can use to get started.  

The wonderful thing about screen printing is that it dies the fabric permanently. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is a plastic that gets adhered to the top of the shirt through heat. It will always have a raised feel to it and with some vinyls can feel stiff. Over time, that vinyl can crack or peel off. 

With a DIY Screen Printed T-Shirt, because the fibers of the shirt are dyed, the shirt stays soft and the design is permanent for as long as the t-shirt will last. 

DIY Screen Printed T-Shirt

I used the “Love is Love Retro Stack” SVG file but I modified it for my sister-in-law who is a librarian and loves books!  The “I Like Big Books” SVG file is where I grabbed the word “books”. The wonderful thing about SVG files is every element is on its own layer, so you can easily pick and choose the parts you want to customize and create exactly what you need.

To see me make this t-shirt and learn more about screen printing, check out the video below:

If you prefer written instructions, follow the steps below:


Create the design you want to
screen print. Mirror the design
and cut from permanent vinyl
(not HTV).
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Weed your design. Apply
transfer tape.
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Remove the vinyl’s paper liner and
stick onto the flat side of your screen.

Mask off any area you don’t want ink
with painter’s tape or masking tape

This is the starter kit I got

But, I think this screen is better if
you plan to do a lot of screen
printing because you can tighten
the screen or even replace it
entirely if needed  

Qs0ynykJ4ogsKX2KHls9k06TjGqCIppvS lIpsLZe5y61ARAdlD dANgWOgkG8c2EJCyRP5ACfAh EKuLT1qXnYIae876yGA2WP9PPApeyJZFqN2niNFG7TqXCpfm5tYaSC72mRVnnn5pqmlAgnJ0pU

Line up your screen on your T-shirt. 

NOTE: put paper or parchment inside
your shirt to prevent the ink from
bleeding through to the back.
tm3s9P3kHPrIb bKFc8P WmNbI4c1q

Run a line of Screen Printing Ink
across the top of your design.


Marabu Inks
(What I used on this first shirt)

Speedball Inks 
(I tried these on the next shirt
and like it better.)
XRD9acB6CKQTiRnQlMkD7h0QFzJ uwKe7 OnufN9aqTwYN Jk 2VluU mjW2x 2cyf7IzttUEfPFTH 2dIXViO9rm2AZj yUfuB8nf0V74E 3fLL0zPH5b Kkf91qVCiHMZO5Ik5DWKeG dPvmcvtAA

Thanks for checking out my project today!

LV Handcrafted

LV Handcrafted

diy screen printed t-shirt

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