Holiday Bookmarks Stocking Stuffer Idea

Holiday Bookmarks Stocking Stuffer

Holiday Bookmarks Stocking Stuffer

Hello friends!  This is Linh or LV Handcrafted across the socials. Do you know any book lovers? I have so many friends who are educators and love reading and what better a gift than a bookmark!  Even with the popularity of eReaders, so many of us still like good ol’ fashion books! These bookmarks are fun little “just because” gifts or like my set of bookmarks today will be stocking stuffer gifts!  
The pattern papers from the Christmas Treats Craft Bundle are FABULOUS!  You have everything you need to craft with for the holidays in general, but the papers are really wonderful for my holiday bookmarks. There are fun icons and holiday images to decorate, but I’ve also added an alphabet die cut to monogram one of the bookmarks too!

See how it’s done in this video tutorial:

Here are 7 quick & easy steps:

Print out the pattern papers you’d like to use
Cut heavyweight 120lb cardstock to 2”W x 6.5”H to use as a bookmark base.

Cut your pattern paper to 2”W strips.
svWCYsyIxZTeDGbYbg7hjrEFvbI7OL No8c gR zrqIFZQf Zir2nF21Mt98301uSvw4Wj8exXzfGt8hYsXmh JopF8 CuQoaE3Hirj6aSyv cjqIJv9UMuRXHeb13i7jMBrvMIN89GW42M ESImRA
Use a punch, die or hole punch to create the tag top design on both your bookmark base and the top section of your pattern paper.
Adhere your pattern paper to the bookmark base
rSwe8QmGqs8bsUJQYjaQyAHFdnRY4f2W Bhf2Fs8KgEYf G36 GX1b5WxBCg3sxvdmouNt4lr92P6QCkaqHiAPUWc547D7yDB0 sTp8geSNqS 8opqK8dFkGNHKq 7SGqDhTtNXLGNylOlq0aRFpHA
Decorate with more images, monograms, etc.
Thread a ribbon, twine, embroidery floss, etc. through the hole at the top
dgSXnfCsj5Qe8Jm8mcDK3AJulHC g3xFi4A5avau5NwhycMxAeTS7MXsNM7 BUto3FOZX5KC7vxoePiN3HMDCnIql5d2dZLfeaz9G wnFjafxawAvBRg8TQXcG1a

Thanks for following along!

LV Handcrafted

LV Handcrafted

Holiday Bookmark Stocking Stuffer Idea

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