Hippie Van Paper Piecing Tutorial

Hippie Van Paper Piecing Tutorial

Hippie Van Paper Piecing Tutorial

Hello everyone! It’s Mónica from Moni’s Design here and today I’m making a 3D Hippie Van. Here I’m using the “Front Hippie Van Retro SVG File”.  In this Hippie Van Paper Piecing Tutorial, I’ll show you how this fun piece came together.

Hippie Van Party Decor Tutorial

What You’ll Need:

  • Cardstock (I used light pink, cream, holographic silver, yellow, white, and glitter pink) 
  • Acetate (I used Pearl Mylar)
  • Adhesive (I used Bearly Art)
  • Foam adhesive (To use between layers for the 3D effect)
  • Scissors (to cut the foam tape)

Using your Cricut or Silhouette, cut your SVG file. Now with all your pieces cut, let’s start. First, grab your base. We’re going to be gluing everything here.

Hippie Van Paper Piecing Tutorial

For every piece you want to be 3D, you’ll need to add Foam Tape. We’re going to start with the front first. I added foam tape and glued it to the base guiding my piece with the base form.

Next, we’ll be gluing the top piece (cream). Make sure you center the pieces.

Hippie Van Paper Piecing Tutorial

Now let’s glue the glitter smiley face to the white circle using our adhesive and then add a foam tape piece and glue it to the top of the van.

60s Van Paper Piecing Tutorial

Here I’m adding a square foam tape to my daisy center and then another foam tape to the back of the daisy to add them as my headlights.

Now let’s add the bumper. I used foam tape, again lol.

Don’t forget about the plate, so let’s glue the acetate to the cream plate and add a foam tape piece to the back, and put it in the bumper.

Now last but not least, let’s add the wheels.

Hippie Van Layered Paper Peicing Tutorial

Now we’re all done!

Hippie Van Paper Piecing Tutorial

I really hope you enjoyed making this as much as I did. You can make this in under 30 minutes and add it to your party decorations or to your craft room! 

See you in the next craft!


PCC Design Team - Monica
Hippie Van Paper Piecing Tutorial

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